How to Break All the Rules and Still Have a Timeless Wedding

Let's face it, there are just some rules that might have to be broken in order for your wedding to be more YOU. No ones opinion besides you and your fiancés matter - unless you want them to. So maybe you started reading because there are somethings you aren't wanting to do at your wedding but you know your mom will have a heart attack when she hears you say you want to do a first look or you don't want to throw your bouquet. Don't let that stop you from knowing that nothing has to be done a certain way (besides the legal part of the ceremony!) and your wedding day is about you and your fiancé starting your new life together as husband and wife. Doing something or not doing something isn't going to effect that. 

Wearing a white dress is traditional and it had good reason. It showed the purity of the bride as she enters into marriage. But just because someone doesn't wear a white dress doesn't mean they aren't pure and vice versa. Certain shades of white look better on certain skin tones, and you should go with the color that makes you feel the best. Maybe you're a bride who wants a soft blush dress because you can rock it -- well I say go for it! Not having a white dress isn't going to ruin the day. 

You can do a first look and still get all the feelings walking down the aisle. First Looks are sometimes a bit of a controversy. If you like them, you love them and if you disagree with them, you don't love them. Some people are very traditional and don't want to see each other until the bride walks down the aisle. While others want to see each other beforehand and get intimate time before the wedding. If you are considering a first look, just know that seeing each other before the ceremony won't take anything away from actually walking down the aisle. It gives the bride and groom time to talk before the wedding and get those jitters out. Just to relax with each other and enjoy what is about to take place. When you walk down that aisle you have business to get to -- there isn't any time to talk, be excited, or even hug each other! And if you were worried, trust me, people will still want to look at the grooms reaction. 

Veils, like the white dress, had a meaning behind it. Traditionally, when the fathers made their deal to marry their children, the bride and groom likely hadn't seen each other before so the bride wore the veil all through the ceremony to ensure the groom didn't run away because of what she looked like. Now that might not be your reason for not wanting to wear one or to wear one but I bring it up to let you know the traditional meaning behind wearing one. Some people wear them because it's an added detail to your wedding dress, others don't want to wear one. Not wearing one won't make you any less bridal though, so if you dream of wearing a flower crown instead, you do you girl!

Cake just isn't your thing? Who says you have to cake? Do you or your fiancé have another dessert you just can't live with out? I believe the sole purpose of having a cake is because sweets make everyone happy. But if cake isn't appealing to your sweet tooth, then choose your favorite dessert. Do you love to get early morning donuts together? Go for a donut cake! Is your sweet tooth so strong that as long as the main ingredient is sugar then you're satisfied? Then maybe a whole dessert bar is perfect for you! Whether it be cake, pie, donuts, or a plethora of your most favorite desserts, your guests are sure to enjoy it all! 


No matter you choose to do, choose what makes you happy!