3 Simple Ways To Make Your Wedding Personal

Do you and your man love to dance? Do you love to play games? Do you love to just relax at home or with friends? Creating a wedding that hosts the type of people you are is the best way to ensure you and your guests have the time of your lives. 

If you love to dance and be the life of the party, then first off hire an out of this world amazing DJ to get the party started and to keep it going late into the night -- maybe even hire a live band! Secondly, don't skimp on a large dance floor. If you want people to dance the night away, give them a place to do just that! Find creative ways to add lighting around your dance floor. 

If playing games or being outdoors is your cup of tea, then consider adding some outdoor games. Maybe if you know that a dance floor won't be a huge hit, draw your guests attention to something else. Some venues allow yard games, think corn hole and washers, to be played outside of the reception area. These can get your guests interacting and having a fun time.



Maybe you want some dancing but you mostly just want to have an intimate night spent with your closest friends and family. Set the mood with candles, twinkling lights, and cozy decor. Strings lights are ultra-romantic and can be displayed in many different creative ways. Huddle around a fire pit with your friends and add some blankets for extra comfort. Spend the night just like usual, celebrating a life full of love. 

Just know that your friends and family are there to celebrate you as couple joining in marriage and nothing else truly matters except that. Make it personal, make it you, because whatever you choose to do, your guests are sure to love it.

Jessica Aveytia